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released June 1, 2007

Produced by Mike Scalzi and Justin Phelps.
Executive producer, Cruz Del Sur Music SRL.
Engineered by Justin Phelps at Hide Street Studios, San Francisco, CA.
Additional engineering by Raymond Ruiz.
Mastered by Justin Weis at Traxworx Studio, South San Francisco, CA.
Artwork by James E. Lyle.



all rights reserved


SLOUGH FEG San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Tiger! Tiger!

The spheres in motion wrapped around collapsing stars
Immortal hands and eyes are framed in fearful scars
The mystery of living, breathing, dying hard

My name and occupation tattooed on my face
The stars my destiny, deep space my dwelling place
Delirious and rotting, where’s my saving grace

The stars burning bright
In the forest of night
But what mortal hands and eyes will I see there?

I’m locked behind bars
On the gateway to Mars
But when all the stars expire will I still be here?

I’ll set the villages and colonies aflame
The bards of history had best forget my name
Deliriously plotting, Nomad is my fame
Track Name: The Sea Wolf

The shadow of innocence gone
A childhood lost in the waves
For all time

While pouring over volumes I lay
Like curses that echo the sea
Without rhyme

Fortunes are drowned
Swallowed up by the sea
Shackled in time
Never known, never seen

The bottles are brimming below
The gallons of emptiness found
In the waves

A circling vortex of time
One thousand and more men are drowned
In their graves

Echoes of pride
Swallowed up by the sea
Shackled in time
Never lost, never seen

This body is crooked and old
But doubtless I’ll live and I’ll die
By the sea

I’m wizened and tired and cold
But fire still burns in my mind
You can see

Fortunes are found
Now revealed by degree
Shackled in time
Now I’m lost with the sea
Track Name: Hardworlder
Killing you kindness is my game
So I might live to see your sorrow

Leading you with blindness to your grave
With no more bitterness to borrow

I’ve died a thousand times
The battles rage on in my mind
Always an eagerness for more

With shields and flashing blades
I contemplate my inner struggle
A sound philosophy for war

Leading you to endless misery
Forever battling your sorrow

Only in my violence am I free
And I might live to see tomorrow
Track Name: The Spoils

You wait in the wings for their call
Hiding in mirrors you pray
Another long winter will pass
And nobody’s listening

In martyrdom’s shackles you reign
Through long bloody winters you fast
And all of the riches that shinned
They’re no longer glistening

Turning my blood to stone
Leaving me here alone
Chorus of angels comes to pick my bones

You wait for the curtain to fall
The truth switches on in your mind
The chorus comes issuing forth
All is in vanity

You’ve crafted a lifetime of pain
Illusions come crumbling down
An emptiness pulling your chain
Endless insanity
Track Name: Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Blues
We got the news
We wouldn’t leave on one of them
Down, down, down on the floor ‘bout four AM

We’ll find the groove
And disconnect all circuitry
Wound so tight, in the night and let it breathe

And we barely made the scene
To busy to keep the engine clean
Chorus of angels oil my machine
Track Name: Dearg Doom (Horslips cover)

My heart is colder than black marble by the sea
My love is older than the cold oak tree
I am the flash of silver in the sun
If you see coming you had better run, run, run

From Dearg Doom

You speak in whispers of the devil I have slain
By the fire of my silver devil’s blade
And still you dare to flaunt yourself at me
I don’t want you, I don’t need you, I don’t love you, can’t you see?

I’m Dearg Doom

And when the stars go out
You can hear me shout
Two heads are better than none
On hundred heads are so much better than one

I’m a boy who was born blind to pain
And like a hawk I swoop and swoop again
I am the flash of Hawkeye in the sun
If you see me coming you had better run, run, run

From Dearg Doom
Track Name: Insomnia

My eyes are seeing faces in the darkness
While my mind is seeing darkness in the light
The silent specters that only come out in the night

While I’m drowning in the blood of your survival
Keeping busy making nightmares of your dreams
My violent laughter is only drowned out by your screams

And where there’s peace of mind
You know there’s always lies
Another victim of your self-protection dies

When you ask if I’m afraid of seeing zombies
It’s the walking animations that I fear
The silent specters just waiting for sleep to appear

And when people ask me why I’m always grinning
It’s because I’m seeing faces in the walls
The silent shield of insomnia finally falls

And when there’s peace of mind
You know there’s always lies
Now that this mutant race has left you all behind
Another victim of your self-protecting lies

And when the battles over
Shackled in time and colder
And stamp your witness on the ground

Your earthly time elapsing
Wittiness the star collapsing
When lost in time is lost and found
Track Name: Poisoned Treasures

In the city’s underside
Where the conquers divide
Another poisoned treasure
(hard luck stories coincide)

Kamikaze and his blade
On a vagabond crusade
Only seeking pleasure

In the asphalt holy wars
Open eyes and open spores
Spiral architecture
(Crystal logic metaphors)

In a spoiled nation’s plight
Many have given up the fight
Now they’re here forever

You’re down among the dead
Your sentence has been read
But I was only seeking pleasure
And now it must be fed

Underneath the city walls
As the final curtain falls
I can hear the laughter
(creeping slowly through the stalls)

Sacred war between the sheets
Bringing terror to the streets
You know what he’s after

In a residence hotel
Where his latest victim fell
Frozen silent rapture

Broken spirits, broken bones
Bringing power to the drones
Ending in disaster
Track Name: Karma-Kazee

Throwing corpses on the fire
Burning crosses in your mind
Whirling vortex of your desire
Failed experiments compiling

Burning landscapes, sacking towers
Endless bounty stained by blood
Blustering prattle you called power
Leading cattle to the slaughter

Warm and sheltered in my tower
Far from harm’s way, I’ll make good
While you’re bleeding in your trenches
I dare believe that I’m misunderstood

My eyes are shut my limbs are bound
‘Till the next of the bastards in crowned
But the fire still burns in my mind
Shouldn’t come as a shock to me

When the battle is finally lost
And you wait in the wings without sound
While you’re flogging an alien corpse
As I witness this mockery

Turning my blood
Turning my blood to stone

As you wait for the curtain to fall
And you hide in the shadows and screams
As the chorus comes issuing forth
“All is you vanity”

In martyrdom shackles you reign
While you’re draining the blood from the ground
Removing the sight from our eyes
Your endless insanity

Turning my blood
Turning my blood to stone